The Crusher Recap

One of the most challenging and scenic courses on the planet
10th Edition of the Crusher proved to be the spiciest yet. Even for the most seasoned riders, an opportunity to race through some of Utah’s tallest mountain ranges, with several peaks over 11,000 feet in elevation, made for an unforgettable and challenging experience.
(Above DNA’s Col de Crush Feed Zone)
For DNA Cycling, the Crusher in the Tushar tugs at our hearts strings and is everything around dirt & asphalt that one could ask for in a ride. So when the race’s founder, Burke Swindlehurst, asked if DNA wanted to be involved, we couldn’t say no. We knew this would be a long-lasting relationship, one that we are very proud of and take pride in as the years go on.
(Rider taking off with an ice cold coke in hand)
(Turning the corner on the DNA’s Col de Crush Feed Zone)
Year after year and since the race’s inception, our team has continually worked to enhance the riding and event experience, with schwag bags, prizes, custom awards, and feed zones along that route supporting all riders.
(Peter Stetina taking an ice sock hand up went on to win the overall with a time of 4:13)
(Rider receiving his ice sock in motion)
We like to think that DNA’s Col de Crush Feed Zone is the feed zone of all feed zones. A pivotal point in the race given the brutally hot July weather and the 70-mile course climbing over 10,000 feet of elevation. For many riders, this feed zone was a two-way stop. Riders restocked before finishing their descents into Circleville, with enough supplies to get them back to the DNA feed zone on the way back up the Col de Crush. For others, this feed became an “oasis” in the middle of one of the most challenging climbs out there, made even more difficult this year with 100+ degree temps and an unrelenting washboard.
(DNA’s Col de Crush Feed Zone Team attending to each riders individual needs)
“It was like a welcome mirage coming up the Col de Crush”

“Loved the suffering through and it was great to see all of DNA’s presence. The DNA aid station on the climb was a lifesaver.”

“I was on the receiving end of one of those pushes up the Col… wish it would have been to the finish, awesome support as always.”
(Some of DNA’s Col de Crush Feed Zone Team)
While this event is challenging, the gratitude and energy we pull from that feed zone gets us excited for 2022. We will be back, with more ice socks, misters, cold cokes, salty foods, but most importantly, smiles and bodies ready to push each rider up that Col.
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