Learn about some of the measures we are taking to ensure that our product is ethical and sustainable.
Bluesign is a certification out of Switzerland that holds factories to the highest standards. Bluesign analyzes four different steps of the supply chain. They start with resource use and help factories reduce their water, chemical, and energy use. Then they move on to occupational health and safety to ensure that the factories have the highest safety standards and protect workers from any chemicals. They control pollution output by looking over the water and air emissions. Lastly, they oversee consumer health by ensuring all textiles meet the strictest chemical safety requirements. By purchasing a Bluesign certified product you know that rigorous steps were taken to ensure the product is made ethically.
Confidence in Textiles Standard 100 is a certification done by OEKO-TEX, a Swiss-based company with partner institutes in over 18 countries. This certification means that every piece of your garment has been inspected (every thread, zipper, piece of fabric) to ensure that it contains no harmful substances. This globally standardized certification takes into account regulated and non-regulated substances to ensure there are no harmful substances in contact with you or your home.
Our Dolomiti fabric is produced in a factory with a Global Recycling Standard Certification. This certification from the Netherlands certifies that this factory follows a high standard when it comes to recycling in their storing, dyeing, trading, finishing, washing, knitting, and processing. The factory has put out their own Environmental Policy that outlines all the steps they take to ensure they are operating in the most sustainable way possible. This includes complying with all environmental regulations, using raw and recycled materials, investing in independently produced power, recovering and saving heat and water, and monitoring and minimizing pollution.
All of our products come in a 100% biodegradable polybag. This environmental alternative to a traditional plastic bag ensures that you can shop responsibly and not worry about where your bag will end up after you have finished using it.