With over 70 different variations, we have the products that meet your needs. Specially designed for dirt, asphalt, and everything in between, explore our products lines built for road, gravel, cross country mtb, enduro, freeride, youth, and triathlon riding.


Our design team takes the time to understand your vision and bring it to life. Our process involves presenting multiple design concepts through a continuous feedback loop until we have ‘it’. Whether for lifestyle, corporate, club or race kits, our creative team harnesses emerging trends, both on and off the bike, so that you stand out from the crowd.


Next, we build you a custom micro-store that facilitates small-scale and bulk orders through tailored product selection previews, sizing instructions, pricing, and order timelines. A custom micro store alleviates the manual stress and confusion of single orders and ensures your team is on the same page and ready to race in style.


Once designs and order quantities are approved, our Italian manufacturing and production teams start to bring your kit to life. This includes printing designs, preparing, cutting, and sewing fabric for a final inspection and quality control before your order is shipped back to the USA.


Order transit times from our Italian warehouse to the US span 2 -5 days. Once received, bulk orders are counted for accuracy and prepped for final shipping with packing lists and box labels. At DNA, we deliver your kits wherever you need them. Whether you are at home, in your office, or traveling to race with your team, we ship them to you in the timeliest manner possible.


Getting started has never been easier. Decide what you want, how many you need, and when. We take care of the design specifics, logistics, and details. Painless and simple. Get in touch for a complete walk-through of the process today.


DNA Cycling was born out of necessity to create a completely customizable kit that fit as well as it looked. With countless limits on sizing and design, our goal from the beginning was to create an unmatched fit that looked as amazing it performed. This new BIO Fit line is the product of meticulous testing and innovation, pushing the boundaries of design to create a dream cycling kit we now enjoy.
Limitless Customization
Browse our custom catalog to select the items you want to customize.
Handmade by Craftsmen
Our designers work with you to create the perfect kit. We provide three art revisions to ensure you get exactly what you want how you envisioned it.
Pro-Tour Quality & Fit
We create a custom micro-store for you to share with friends and colleagues that aid in finalizing quantities and capturing payment. Don’t hesitate to request a fit kit with your selected items to guarantee the best fit.
The secret is not thinking about it. Forgetting yourself in the ride is the goal. Our handmade custom Italian kits are engineered to help you flow and escape in the joy of adventure. Our fabrics are printed, cut, and sewn with this in mind. Geared towards making it work and perform better on the bike than ever before.