Fit Guide

Philosophy behind our fit:

At DNA, the philosophy behind our patterns are the groundwork to our perfect fits. We provide a product that is mapped to your body. Everything about our fit is mindful, from panel placement to stitch type, focusing on functionality and simplicity. When creating our fit we consider your riding position, focusing on important areas like inseams, sleeves, jersey length, technical and reinforced finishings, strategic fabric positioning, and body coverage.

Body Mapping Technology:

Body Mapping Technology combines the unique contours of your body and your optimal range of motion to ensure that comfort and performance are achieved at the highest level. DNA product is specifically designed to cater to the repetitive joint movements that your body makes when cycling. Our Body Mapping Technology contours perfectly to your body so that with every body movement your kits stay perfectly in place while still allowing for a full range of motion. This co-efficient system ensures that you will not be able to tell where your kit ends and your body begins so that you can lose yourself in every ride.

Club Fit Tops:

Club Fit isn’t necessarily for the weekend warrior. Every one of our jerseys is built for a specific person and situation. Our top-of-the-line Club Fit jerseys are made with technical features for riders that prefer to have a looser fit. Whether riding dirt or asphalt, pieces like our Trail, Tour, or Freeride jerseys have longer, wider and more relaxed features.

Sport Fit Tops:

Sport Fit is built for those who appreciate more technical features and are most comfortable in between a loose and Aero based fitting product. You will feel best in pieces like our Distance and Bio Fit jerseys.

If your club is offering product that is classified as “Sport” within our product guide and you prefer a “Club Fit”, we suggest that you size your jersey up by one size.

Aero Fit Tops:

Aero Fit is our most aggressive fit across the product line. You don’t have to be racing to appreciate and prefer the feeling of an Aero Fit jersey. Taking body mapping to the extreme, Aero Fit will feel like a second skin. Providing the most technical features and fabrics with the most aggressive fit in the industry. You will feel most at home in our Race Day jersey. Aero Fit is designed to hug the body.

If your club is offering product that is classified as “Aero” within our product guide and you prefer a “Club Fit”, we suggest that you size your jersey up by one or two sizes, depending on how relaxed you want the fit.

Youth Fit:

It’s in the name, high-performance product specifically built for kids from 4 – 12. yrs old.

Bottoms Fit:

Each of our bottoms is made to fit like a second skin. The majority of our bottoms are made to be very formfitting with an all-over smooth fit and no creases or folds. Our Freeride Baggies are a different story, made to flow with you through jumps and berms. They are the perfect mountain bike ride accessory, podium piece, a favorite for parents looking to get out and ride with their kids, and great for going from the trail to the bar.

Formfitting Bottoms: Our bibs and shorts are made to be like a second skin. As a result of this, they perform their best when they are sized correctly. Bib sizing is important for many reasons, but the biggest is that you must wear the right size to ensure that your chamois stays in place. Wearing a bib that is too big tends to allow your chamois to move around and can lead to chaffing and an uncomfortable fit. Another way to ensure that your chamois stays in place is by choosing bib shorts over regular shorts. The braces on the bibs add another layer of protection to your chamois by helping hold your bibs in place your entire ride. Wearing the right size bib is like riding the right size bike, it is the key to a great ride. To guarantee that you are not wearing your bibs too big follow our size chart to find your perfect size.

Relaxed Fit Bottoms: Our Freeride Baggies are a cross country slim fit mountain bike short and feature no chamois, they are paired best with our Mesh Bib Liner. Stick with your bib size to ensure a great fit.


FIT TIP #1: Bib Fit

Create and maintain the best possible relationship with your chamois by not wearing bottoms that are too big for you. This can cause unnecessary chafing and can create a toxic relationship between you and your chamois. Follow our size chart to get the right fitting bottoms. Proper fitting bibs is the ultimate game-changer when on a bike. Lycra is meant to be tight.

FIT TIP #2: Jersey Fit

Your club or team is ordering “Sport” or “Aero Fit” jerseys but you are more of a “Club Fit” kinda rider. Size your jersey up by one size for roomier “Sport Fit” jerseys and one or two sizes for roomier “Aero Fit” jerseys. Please remember that bibs should not be sized up.

FIT TIP #3: Zippers

Zippers keeps sliding open when you ride? Once you zip up flip the zipper pull down to enable the locking mechanisms so that your zipper will stay in place the whole ride.