Gear up your gifting this year and treat your friends, loved ones, and team to something from our selection of best holiday gifts.

Whether traveling on or off the road, a versatile and stylish DNA buff makes for the perfect Christmas gift. Facing the elements head-on with a DNA buff helps keep your neck, face, and head warm, dry, and protected from the sun or snow all year long. Not to mention, it can also be used as a hairband or on your wrist to absorb sweat on those scorching hot days.
This all-in-one endurance fuel made by athletes for athletes fuels the ultimate performance. Carbo rocket is a unique all-in-one electrolyte hydration drink that gives your body fast-paced hydration, helping you train longer and race further. While a snack always comes in handy, stuffing yourself hundreds of calories to get you through a workout or race can be overwhelming. Not to mention, the Carbo rocket formula is stomach-friendly, avoiding GI distress of overeating, instantly mixing and tasting so light and refreshing you can sip all day.
This timeless lightweight long sleeve jersey is perfect for those cooler autumn and spring temperature rides. The classic long sleeve design gives you the comfort you need while keeping you at the perfect temperature with respire moisture management capabilities. Made with 100% polyester using innovative body-mapping technology, this lightweight L/S jersey comes with an extended collar, lockable full hidden zipper, full silicone gripper, and three stuffable back pockets. With sizes from XXS to 2Xl, whoever you have on your list this year will undoubtedly love this gift.
Ramp up your workout routine and recovery times with AMP Lotion. Clinically proven to reduce muscle soreness by up to 53%, AMP works by buffering the acids produced by muscles during exercise, making for a powerful performance and recovery product in one. When applied pre-workout, it targets the hardest-working muscle groups and delivers sodium bicarbonate, a substance naturally produced by our bodies, to neutralize the acid, reduce soreness, and battle fatigue. By stripping out acid build-up, you can push harder for longer and recover swiftly. If you have been looking for something to give you or your riding partners that performance and recovery edge, then this could very well be it!
The DZNUTS pro chamois and bliss creams eliminate irritable chaffing and discomfort of itching and prickling in the saddle. This anti-bacterial pre-probiotic complex reduces the chance of infection and encourages beneficial skin flora growth. You can never go wrong with an anti-inflammatory chamois cream with moisture-absorbing polymers that isolate excess moisture and protect delicate skin. This paraben-free, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial product can make all the difference in your rides with pro-level protection and comfort. Don’t just take it from us, give it a try, or gift a bottle this holiday season.
Take it from us, you can never have too many pairs of socks. The DNA SOTM club is the gift that keeps on giving, literally. Gifting someone a subscription to the Sock of the Month Club is the best gift a cyclist can receive, with surprises all year long. You can ship them directly or gift them a pair yourself, because hey, you deserve it, and so do they.
Whether you have a party to attend or not, there’s no better way to get into the holiday season than an ugly cycling Christmas sweater. We offer a wide variety of festive 1 of 1 designs and sweaters that are sure to set the mood and make for the perfect gift. After all, tis the season. Don’t wait to get your team fitted up.
Feeling generous? Give the gift of carbon with a new set of ENVE Foundation Series wheels. Whether for road, gravel, or mountain ENVE has you covered. The ENVE 45 is a modern carbon road wheel in every way. Riders with inclinations toward racing and hard solo efforts or those looking for the road lost and forgotten will find the dynamic properties the modern road rider needs. The AM30 is your one-wheelset quiver for lunch laps, park laps, and backcountry epics. Proven ENVE gravel wheel technology comes to the Foundation family with the AG25. Ready for high-speed adventure.
We like to think of the DNA gravel bibs like cargo shorts of cycling, but the cool type of cargo shorts. These bibs feature two leg and two back pockets so that you have room to store anything you could need. Made from Mititech fabric using body-mapping technology, the 72% Polyester 28% Elastane bib blend incorporates smart panel design, respire moisture management, traditional silicone leg grippers with laser-cut edges, and reflective safety tags that keep you safe and comfortable wherever the trail leads.
The Snēk Lifeboat Tire Lever is the best modern tubeless bicycle tire maintenance tool, with a built-in valve core remover to ensure you can change a tire, install a tube, or add sealant to your tubeless setup with ease. No more searching for that elusive valve core remover. It’s never been easier to remove tight tires with chamfered edges and the scoop aid that double as a built-in bottle opener, helping you relax post-ride. Tested and built to last in the USA.
For a more adventurous gift, enroll your team or friend in a Gran Fondo National Series Race. With upcoming 2022 events set to take place in FL, GA, NJ, NC, CO, MD, and CA, no matter where you are, there is a race within reach. Pushing yourself and others to perform at their highest abilities while engaging with the competitive community pushes riding to new levels new. In the end, a Gran Fondo Race Experience is about making a difference, bringing attention to important issues, raising money for nonprofits, and supporting local small businesses. All this creates opportunities for cyclists to discover, pursue, and achieve everything they have to ride for. Take it from us.