As a go-to destination for custom-made cycling apparel, we believe there is an undeniable association between the artistic flow of creation and a focused cycling mindset. If you happen to share a passion for both art and cycling, you have undoubtedly noticed the similarities and associated feelings that crossover. While these two activities require a unique set of skills in each respect, they share universal feelings of escapism, flow, individualism, mindfulness, and the ability to appreciate the beauty in the world around us because of their practice.
As a founding member and Creative Director of DNA Cycling, we spoke with Seth Bradley about his experience channeling his aesthetic passions and skill to create with his love for cycling. From an ability to shut off distractions and methodically get into the cadence of turning over pedals one stroke at a time to doing the same thing one brushstroke at a time on a canvas. In reality, these two activities are vastly different, but not at all in the way they make you feel.
Take the immersive state of ecstasy when time stops and your body and mind become totally absorbed and deeply focused on what you are doing. That moment when you remove everything else and focus on your breathing, pedal stroke, or heartbeat. Completely immersing yourself in hard things makes them easier with effort, attention, and practice. That same mindfulness also applies to applying strokes with a pen. One at a time and with subtle variations in thicknesses and distances.
How one line plays off another comes from inspiration and drive to interact with the environment in front of you. Whether that be a downhill trail or blank page, the simple act of creating art on a blank page is similar to the feeling of summiting a climb you tackled one pedal stroke at a time. As with both art and cycling, you feel a sense of momentary accomplishment that lingers until you start thinking about how you will be back to do it again…maybe a little differently next time.

As an artist, narrowing your artistic attention to just one medium can be hard. As a result, Seth is well-versed in and enjoys painting, printing making, sketching, woodworking, and everything to do with Digital Art. In his own words:

“There are too many exhilarating ways to experience life to pigeonhole myself into one or 2.”

In his free time, Seth is likely on two wheels speeding through gravel, mountain biking, racing a crit, bikepacking, or fat biking in the snow. Whether creating or exploring, you can always either find Seth with a bike or pen.
While there are countless personal benefits to exploring the natural world on two wheels, for Seth, it’s an endless canvas and view inside his inspiration for his fine art, sketchbooks, graphic design, and cycling apparel that we proudly create at DNA Cycling. Most notably and given the blessing of living in Utah, many of his designs are inspired by the southern red rock, complimentary blue skies, and gold aspen leaves falling alongside an overgrown trail in autumn.
No matter where your passions lie, discovering the universal feelings of escapism, flow, individualism, mindfulness, and the ability to appreciate the beauty in the world are well worth the effort. For Seth and others alike, every day spent on the bike can build a cache of visuals and inspirations to draw from in the future. Don’t be so busy looking too far ahead that you forget to take time for where you are. Living in the moment makes life sweet, so take the time to fully immerse yourself in the goodness and soak it all in.
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