How to Get Started

Getting started is easy. Just call or email us we'll walk you through the process. We'll take care of the design and details. All you need to do is decide what you want and how many you need. It's really quite painless.

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Why DNA is Better

We started DNA because we couldn't find kits that we loved that we could truly customize. Design options were too limited and the fit wasn't quite right. From the onset our goal was to create the a kit the felt as a amazing as it looked. With our new BIO Fit line we feel we've achieved this ideal.

Limitless Customization

Seriously...if you can think it, we can design it. Our process allows for complete customization of the garments. No more limits on colors and placement.

Handmade by Craftsmen

We get nauseous at the thought of mass production. Each garment is hand made by Italian craftsmen with years of experience making cycling clothes.

Pro-Tour Quality & Fit

We are our own worst critics. Outside of using our products every day we test and consult with pro riders and teams on how to constantly improve.

Creating a custom kit can be hard.
We're here to make it painless, and perhaps even fun.

A Better Fit. A Better Kit.

The secret is not thinking about it. If we can get you to forget that you even have anything on we win. Our handmade custom Italian kits are engineered with your ride in mind. The way the fabric is printed, cut and sewn is specifically geared towards making it work and perform better when on the bike.

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How DNA Custom Works

Like most people, we're not big fans of shopping. That's why we set out to make ordering custom cycling apparel the easiest shopping experience you'll have, and we made it the core of what we do at DNA Cycling. We are here to do the work on your behalf.

Free Custom Design

Our professional designers will give you 3 options with 3 rounds of revisions

Handmade in Italy

Every kit is hand made in our factory in Italy where quality and consistency is guaranteed

Delivered to You

We can do a bulk custom order online or setup a custom online store and dropship for your group

We perfected the custom kit experience.
It's completely personalized and tailored to you.