Philosophy Behind Our Fit

At DNA, the philosophy behind our patterns are the groundwork to our perfect fits. We provide a product that is mapped to your body. Everything about our fit is mindful, from panel placement to stitch type, focusing on functionality and simplicity. When creating our fit we consider your riding position, focusing on important areas like inseams, sleeves, jersey length, technical and reinforced finishings, strategic fabric positioning, and body coverage.

Body Mapping Technology

Body Mapping Technology combines the unique contours of your body and your optimal range of motion to ensure that comfort and performance are achieved at the highest level. DNA product is specifically designed to cater to the repetitive joint movements that your body makes when cycling. Our Body Mapping Technology contours perfectly to your body so that with every body movement your kits stay perfectly in place while still allowing for a full range of motion. This co-efficient system ensures that you will not be able to tell where your kit ends and your body begins so that you can lose yourself in every ride.