Custom cycling apparel for Dirt & Asphalt

We're what happens when tradition meets innovation

DNA Cycling was launched in 2010 with the singular goal of creating the type of cycling apparel we wanted for ourselves. Four words that fuel our mission? Let’s do it right.

Over the years we’ve continually refined, re-designed, and pushed the boundaries of what The Other Guys were doing.  Our desire to create the perfect fit has led us on a journey that we never anticipated. And it’s culminated around a concept we refer to as Body Mapping. In a nutshell, we want your kit to feel like it’s painted on. This requires matching up the perfect fabrics for different body types and riding styles. We then add in laser cut trims, compression, seam construction, wicking properties, suspension systems, superb chamois and bio ceramics to create a kit that feels like a new kit each and every time it is worn. Because doing it right shows. Every time.

Lose yourself in the ride

Say arrivederci to mass production and mass assembly.

Our lycra line is produced in Northern Italy—the epicenter of a deep-rooted tradition of passionate craftsmanship.

We’re talkin’ seamstresses who have gone to University to hone their skills and multiple generations that have been in the trade for decades (both behind the seams and on the saddle).

Each handcrafted garment is processed, cut, decorated, sewn, assembled and inspected by our small, dedicated staff in Italy. What this means for you? Unmistakable fit, consistent quality, and premier style. AKA you’ll look good, ride great.